James B. Olcott is Bernard’s oldest son (of three children total) and knew him intimately from the Eisenhower administration through 2006. Born in New York City, he attended schools in Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, France, and New York.

He graduated cum laude from Tufts University in 1980 and earned an MBA from Columbia University in 1988.  Intermittently from 1983-2011, he was an executive officer with Olcott International & Co.  During that time he refined his expertise in various types of computer programs and is now currently Managing Director of Penultix Consulting, Inc., a company specialized in SAP enterprise management software.

Mr. Olcott’s professional articles have appeared in SAPTips Journal and on EURSAP’s blog, a leading European SAP integrator.

He currently lives in New York City and when not working or updating this blog, he can be found taking care of his family, skiing, body-surfing, or in constant motion between Montréal and Philadelphia.

The author’s favorite Buddhist expression:

Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. 

 After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.

This is the author playing in his room in 1962 (as photographed by Bernard Olcott).


This is the author hitting on the help in 1973 (as photographed by Michael Martin).

At the Beach Club 1973

Author’s Twitter feed: @plusplusjames.

Copyright © 2015, 2016, 2017 by James B. Olcott


  1. James: Thanks for the invitation to post on your blog about your Dad. Your Dad sounds like a brilliant man who combined engineering acumen with business savvy. A wickedly effective combination, to be sure. As noted earlier today on my FB page, my own father passed away last night at the age of 101. By the way, he did have a tenuous connection with Tufts as his first employer out of college was Donald MacJannet, a valedictory graduate of Tufts from long ago. Anyway, Hamilton Holt was President of Rollins College when my father graduated from Rollins in 1938. Holt and MacJannet were personal friends, and Holt suggested that Daddy go to work for MacJannet at the American School in Paris. Daddy did just that with just $100 in his pocket, $90 of which was spent on steerage aboard the trans-Atlantic ocean liner, Normandie. Once he arrived in Paris, he met MacJannet and went to work at the American School teaching English and History. Then, he stayed on during the summer to become a counselor at the MacJannet International Camp in Talloires. The camp was situated at Le Prieure (“The Priory”), an old monastery built along the shore of Lac D’Annecy. This was a bucolic setting with the lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and pastures in the northern part of France. People from all over the world attended this camp, including Prince Philip and Indira Ghandi. As the story goes, there was a Rhodes scholar who was about to be appointed head counselor of the camp when he made the mistake of seducing one of the coeds at the camp. Apparently, the two of them were found naked in a canoe alongside some empty wine bottles down by the lake early one morning. That was the end of the Rhodes scholar. My Father was next in line. And, that’s how he became head counselor of the MacJannet International Camp. (This was a great idea, James. Stay tuned for more…that is, if you want to read more about my father. After all, this is supposed to be a blog about YOUR father…and I don’t want to “steal your thunder!”) Blessings, Jeffrey

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