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As the dear reader learns of my real-life experiences at Olcott International, several things should be kept in mind:

  1. This year, 2020, marks the 59th year of continuous operation for Olcott International (inclusive of its predecessor Bernard Olcott & Associates).
  2. All stories in this blog are 20 years old or older (unless specifically noted).
  3. Olcott International definitely reflects the brilliance of the founder and CEO, Bernard Olcott.
  4. Distinctions need to be drawn between Olcott International, an on-going commercial enterprise on one hand, and Bernard Olcott, a human being with dreams, achievements, and challenges, on the other.  Though they are intimately related, what is true about one is not necessarily true of the other.
  5. Sadly, Bernard Olcott succumbed to illnesses and passed in December 2006.
  6. Many clients from 20 years ago remain clients today, due to the legendary service, dedication, and initiative of its employees, both past and current.  Scores of new clients have signed up since 2009.
  7. Customer Service has been a tradition on part of all employees, past and current, at Olcott International.  Today, Olcott International responds to all inquiries promptly in English, Japanese, and German and strongly eschews the “off-shore” service model.
  8. I remain very much a stakeholder in Olcott International, among my other business interests.
  9. Olcott International has recently undergone a complete and thorough modernization of its IT landscape and applications.  As a result, the IT infrastructure and platform is compliant with all 21st century standards.
  10. If you are patent owner, it would serve your interest to learn more about Olcott International’s services and outstanding customer orientation.

In 2019, Olcott International joined the CPA Global group of companies. As a result, Olcott International customers are able to easily access an enhanced range of patent and trademark management services.

The combined IP Renewals Service from CPA Global and Olcott International allows customers to control their IP portfolio with better budgeting and insights, reduce admin tasks and make time for strategic IP decisions. Maintaining an IP portfolio can be complex and burdensome, where the smallest error carries significant risk. The IP Renewals Service mitigates the risks associated with the renewal of IP assets – covering all eventualities in one secure service.

Readers should feel free to learn more at http://www.patentannuities.com and to direct any inquiries to Olcott International at patents@patentannuities.com.

From Olcott International’s linkedin.com page:

Olcott International is a patent and trademark renewal service provider with over 50 years of experience managing and processing renewals worldwide. We offer clients highly customized and personalized services which are tailored to their specific needs, because we know each client is unique. Our clients include sole inventors, small to medium size companies, non-profit organizations, law firms, and large multi-national corporations. Overview of Olcott International’s services:


  • No minimum is required to set up a client account.
  • The transfer of your portfolio and online access is free of charge.
  • IP management software platform enables us to offer fair and competitive pricing to our clients.
  • Highly detailed patent & trademark verification is performed prior to docketing.
  • Client accounts are assigned to individual account managers.
  • All communication is archived by case.
  • Clients are provided with online access to their respective portfolios.
  • Online portal enables clients to track renewal status and generate a wide range of reports.


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