My weekly deadline for new posts is once a week on Thursday afternoons at 4:16PM EST.

There’s nothing particularly special about that time; it’s just a random moment later in the week when folks have completed a lot of their work and hopefully can take five to breathe.  I could post on Monday mornings but I find that everyone is scrambling to find their minds at that time.

You will find a comment section and a like button at the bottom of each story.  I know, WordPress (the site that hosts my blog) will throw a onerous login prompt at you.  It’s to prevent fraudulent clicks.  Relax, count to 10, and just create a new account.  WordPress will ask you what you want to call your blog; just give it a name and you can set it up later.  After all of that, you will be able to click that like button to your heart’s content.

Or comment.  Or complain about the content if you wish.  You won’t be the only critic here, I assure you!

Feel free to ask me questions about the topic posted, how it reminded you of your Uncle Fred and his dog Jake who jumped through the window anytime someone said “oy vey!” Maybe you care to make a comment about any non sequitur, like the proper care and feeding of mooses.  Whatever!

If I approve, I will post your remarks for all to see.

You may also send me feedback privately here:

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