The main point from part one is that Dad’s favorite song, of all time, is…

wait for it…

You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine” by Lou Rawls.  It’s a rich piece of music.  There’s a wall of sound and verve that just swirls behind the track.  Love oozing out, dripping on the floor underneath your speaker.  Soaring vocals.  Subtle piano to build up the tension…I really don’t know why this song affected Dad so much.  But it did.  He would play it back to back endlessly in his Mercedes Benz: play, rewind, play, rewind…  You get the idea.

You could listen to the song by clicking the link above.  And I recommend it!

But why not hear it played on the radio?  Like this coming Thursday, May 10th?

Rumor has it that this week’s Made In China program on TSFJazz will feature the aforementioned Mr. Rawls.  Which of his songs will Ms. China Moses play?  I wonder…

Will there be a special call-out to Bernard Olcott, who was such a phan of Lou Rawls?

Remember, I’m just a blogger.  I can’t guarantee these things.

Made In China will air this Thursday, May 10th at 19:00 Paris time.

To listen, just go to TSFJazz this Thursday and click on the Écouter TSF button found on the left-hand side of the screen.

It looks like this:

Écouter TSF.jpg

Click on the top line “Écouter TSF,” select your player, Flash or whatever else, and start listening.  Easy.

Even simpler, listen to it on TuneIn or your favorite international radio app.

Nevermind that the program is in French.  That never stopped Dad from finding the Eiffel Tower.  Anyway, China speaks English fluently.  Just enjoy.

Broadcast times on May 10th:

Paris: 19:00 CET

London and Tunis: 6PM GMT

Rio de Janeiro: 2PM BRJT

Québec, Middlebury, Cotuit, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Nassau, and Winston-Salem: 1PM EDT.

Chicago: 12 NOON CDT.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 11 AM MDT.

Los Angeles and Seattle: 10 AM PDT.

If you listen, let me know if you hear a call-out to Bernard Olcott!

Thank you China.  I enjoyed listening to your mother perform at Paul’s Mall, Boston, on April 9, 1978 with B. B. King and James Montgomery.  What a great show!

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