Every once in a while, it’s time to celebrate something in the family.

Meet Ms. Celine Olcott, pictured below, Dad’s oldest grandchild.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree summa cum laude in Accounting from Wake Forest University (minor in Statistics) this past Monday.

Celine Graduation Pic

She was also honored as the recipient of the Spirit of Wayne Calloway Award.

This recognition honors

the individual who exemplifies the best that the School has to offer the business world and society. The recipient is an individual whose actions and attitude convey high personal and professional integrity; whose effort level is indicative of a strong sense of personal responsibility; whose goals reflect a commitment to personal and professional growth; and whose achievements demonstrate uncommon dedication and talent — an individual who is admired by, and inspiring to, others.


Killer, holding her trophy.

Education has been one of the core values Bernard Olcott installed in all of us in the Olcott family.  Celine embodies them through and through.

Celine returns to Wake Forest this Fall for one more year to complete her master’s degree. Afterwards, she will join PWC at their New York headquarters.

Well done, Celine!  You have amply earned the pride of your Grandfather!

Three more grandchildren to go!

The Bernard Olcott Story resumes next week after this episode of blatant, egregious kvelling.¹

¹ – “Kvell”: Derived from Yiddish, means to “feel happy and proud.”


  1. Mes félicitations, Mlle Céline! Votre grand effort a fait tous les six des vos parents et grand-parents très fiers de vous. Après toi (c’est à dire, une année de plus en N.C.), le déluge….de Manhattan! I have known your father for many years — admittedly more off than on — but one thing has shone through, always: his pride and affection for you and Grant.

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  2. Integrity and results! Those were the metrics for the award! So well deserved. And if I’m not mistaken highest GPA at the business school. Proud mama! 🙂

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  3. Toutes mes félicitations Céline! Quel parcours tu as et certainement un grand bonheur pour Melissa, James et Grant avec ce retour prévu à NY chez PWC. All the best in your future endeavors. Lise

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  4. Felicitations Celine! What a thrill to read your achievements . Have a wonderful summer and good luck next year. I’m sure you’ll breeze through!! Much love, Godmother Cate Halsey

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